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Olav made me insecure about my feet.

That asshole.

Jk… I’m not that insecure about my finger toes and Olav actually didn’t have stubble. He just looked too much like a girl so I had to add it (everything but the stubble and accidental marinara sauce is totally true though).

I am sad to see this part of me die.

I have finally succeeded in removing Simon from all communication. I am drinking Champagne at dawn; I miss him something terrible.  The entire ‘finfika’ blog is worth a glance (especially if you didn’t know about my love affair in Sweden), but I’m afraid I’ll have to tear myself away from it for fear of emotion; any emotion at all.

I am sad to see this part of me die.

This is the geekiest you will ever see me.  I haven’t seen my 5 year old cousin since my family moved to Australia a few years ago and wanted to teach him some Swedish; they may actually be moving to Norway soon, and I have always had an obsession with both Sweden and buying my cousin books in other languages.  It’s really, really boring to watch if you’re over the age of 5.