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I just realized that my tumblr app clipped this too short, and made the audio a bit off. I’ll re-post the correct version later.

I’ve decided to dramatically cut back. This does not mean I’m quitting, it means that for once in my life I’m actually going to pay attention to how much I’m having, and thus remain more in control of the factors listed above. This doesn’t mean I may not slip up, but it means that I am honestly trying for once. I know you’ll all say it’ll make me less funny, but here’s hoping that’s not the case. I made the choice on a Saturday, and though that Saturday wasn’t quite as interesting as most, I survived with a teensy glass of wine and less than half a beer for the entire day. Just enough to keep me social, but not enough to get a buzz (especially given my tolerance!). I don’t want to give up drinking, but I do want to be present and aware of myself especially with those closest to me. Wish me luck, and I promise I’ll still be funny even if I’m not drunk over half the time in my day to day life.