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Anyone who says “God and family” is a LIAR!

…and I left off a ‘t,’ and the app won’t let me fix it.

I meant that seriously. I’m having a real party, and you’re really invited! Here are the official details (and I hope to see you there!):

Want to party with me? Google Places is making it possible! 20 lucky readers will receive an invite to an all-inclusive “Champagne and Cupcakes” party with yours truly on Tuesday, August 16th at Gibson Bar. All you have to do is prove that you’re as awesome as I think you all are by sending me your Google Places profile (find it by going to http://places.google.com/rate and clicking on your name) to AmberDemureContest@gmail.com. I’ll pick the 20 users who have the most hilarious, creative, and informative reviews on Places to join me for a night of fun, Amber style. Google will cover the tab, and send us home with a few other surprises.

So get reviewing, and remember that the more reviews you write on Places, the better chance you have to get in on the party!

E is for Epic (Fail)

The disaster that followed is below…

I think the best part of today was my actual Twitter stream during this…

(you may want to scroll all the way down and read it from the bottom up)

I made this food pyramid last year with ink and watercolor.  It’s alarmingly accurate; I felt I should finally post it here.